Hurry Up and Wait

Hello faithful and long lost friends!

We are actually updating this blog!!!! Looking back from when we first started seems like centuries ago. So much as changed. We went back and read the first few posts. We talked about adopting from India. We talked about domestic adoption. We finished a homestudy in New Mexico and we even got so close to being matched to a baby! Now, here we are, three years later, with a beautiful biological son we never knew if we would have. Adoption is still on our hearts and even more so now that our son is getting older and we want him to have siblings.

Let’s do a quick recap to catch everyone up. Last time we talked, we moved back to our home state of Ohio so Whitney could enroll in bible college. We had a one month old. We had no idea what the future held for us. We just followed God’s will. Once we got settled, our adoption plan came back into action. We didn’t publicize it because we felt like the waiting part is hard for some people to really understand. Why does this take so long??? Trust us, we ask ourselves that most days. So, last October, we enrolled in adoption classes and went through the entire homestudy process AGAIN. We gathered up all the same paperwork (Does ANYONE actually remember the addresses for everywhere they have lived in the last 10 years? Especially when you have moved as much as we have? Why do they need our cat’s shot records?) We are SO happy to FINALLY announce that we are DONE! Well, not really. Fun isn’t it? We are OFFICIALLY on the “LIST” for a child. We have decided to adopt locally and we are matched with a social worker who from this exact moment until, well, forever, could be calling us to tell us there is a baby for us. We realize that making this public knowledge now puts us all in the waiting game again, but we are so excited to be at the point where there is NOTHING else we have to do but PRAY. We hope you will join us in that and pray that God will bring our child “home” as soon as possible. We are thankful to know it is simply in His hands now and there is nothing waiting for us to complete it.

It may be tonight, it maybe next week, it could be a year from now….we simply do not know!  When a child is available for adoption and matches up to our family they will call. Thank you to all our friends and family who have supported us during this whole process.

Hopefully our next post will have a picture in it…prayerfully it will come soon 🙂

With Hope and Anticipation,

Whitney & Tara


4 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Wonderful to hear from you!! You have always been and will always be in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Carolyn oxoxox

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