I Wanna Go Back, I Gotta Go Back to…….


(for those of you NOT from Ohio who do not get the reference in the title…watch this video… http://youtu.be/QBiY48bRO-I )

So we have some news! If you haven’t guessed (or know already)…we are headed HOME! Since we got married, we have always wanted to get back to Ohio. We hoped that eventually we could raise our family there. We’d be closer to family and friends. We’d be back in the state that means so much to us that we hold so close to our hearts. We just didn’t really know how it would happen.

About 2 years ago, God started working on our hearts that maybe our lives weren’t going in the direction that He wanted. Through many trials and lessons, it became clear to us that God wanted something more. With that being said, Whitney has been accepted to Massillon Bible College (near Canton) and will be starting classes for pastoral studies on August 21st! Yes. that means that in 2 weeks we are MOVING from the desert. We truly believe that God brought us here to not only clearly see His direction for our lives but to also be given this beautiful baby boy. ¬†Which by the way, I realize that we never blogged about his arrival! Thatcher Thomas Owens arrived via c-section on July 3, 2013. He is three weeks old now! We are so excited for him to be able to grow up near both his grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a ton of our friend’s kids.



For those wondering, we are also still working on the adoption. The birth of our son has slowed things down but one good thing about moving to Ohio is that there are SO MANY MORE resources for us in Ohio than there were in New Mexico. Adoption is something we have not given up on and still plan on doing. Now that we have Thatcher, our desire to continue to grow our family has strengthened even more!

So the next few months will be a huge transition. Thatcher’s first plane ride, finding jobs, finding a house, Whitney adjusting to school, us continuing to get this parenting thing down….Please pray for us during this time.


Whitney, Tara & Thatcher