It’s Everywhere!

This post is a few days late. I had the idea for it on Super Bowl Sunday when I read this article about Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers and Michael Oher of the Ravens. Both of these football players were adopted. It got me thinking….who else out there is adopted? I consulted my friend Google and TONS of information came up. We always hear about celebrities who adopt children and there are WAY too many to name (though my favorite story is about Hugh Jackman. He and his wife had suffered many miscarriages before adopting their two beautiful children). I found a great site that had a huge list of famous adopted people (click here).

Most recently, we’ve all heard Steve Jobs story. He was adopted as an infant. So was the singer Faith Hill.

Dave Thomas (of Wendy’s) was given up for adoption at birth. Sadly, his adoptive mother died when he was five. Thomas left high school in the tenth grade to work full-time at a restaurant. After a stint in the army, Thomas moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he opened his first Wendy’s restaurant in 1969. He would later found the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to promote adoption law simplification and reduce adoption costs in the United States.

Babe Ruth was placed in an orphanage at a young age and that is where he learned to play baseball. Later in life, he and his wife adopted a daughter.

And there are so many more who were adopted by family members or step-parents, which I believe is equally as important.

Another very important person who was adopted….MOSES! At the time, Pharaoh ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed, but Moses’ mother didn’t have the heart to comply. So she hid him and he was found by Pharaoh’s daughter and she took him in as her own (Read Exodus 2)

Most importantly, I’m adopted. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior God adopted me into his family. If you’re saved by grace through faith then you are adopted too !

My point is…adoption is everywhere…..from the bible to the big screen, to the football field, to your next door neighbor to YOU…. I LOVE THAT !!!

Thank you all for your continued support of our adoption. I know it seems to be taking forever but we know that God’s timing is better than ours:) Thanks for sticking with us through this. 2013 is going to be a great year for our family.


Tara & Whitney


2 thoughts on “It’s Everywhere!

  1. Tara & Whitney….what a beautiful posting!!! Thinking of you and hope things are going well.   Love, Aunt Val


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