Fall Festival

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since we last posted. It is hard when nothing is really going on. Right now we are really focusing on the money aspect and following God’s direction on where He wants us to go from here. In the mean time though, we have had so much support from family and friends. Most recently, our friend Mary (from our old church Diamond Springs Baptist Church in Virginia Beach) held a Fall Festival Fundraiser for us. We were so shocked to get an email from her telling us all that she had done in preparation for it and she even had a Facebook page set up. She had people donate homemade crafts and baked goods for the fundraiser. She invited everyone to her house for some hot cocoa, cider and shopping! I was so sad that we couldn’t go (we miss Virginia and our church family so badly) but we hear it was a success! Thank you Mary and everyone who attended from the bottom of our hearts. Our lives are blessed because you are in it!


Tara & Whitney

Check out some pictures from the Fall Fundraiser:

Mary and her cutie Ruby

The spread

Our friends Janet, Sarah and Nita

Our friends Sarah, Samantha and Janet (nice bunny ears Janet!!)

Mary’s cutie Robert with some of the goodies


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