Adopted Sisters

We have A-MAZ-ING friends. Since we began this journey, people have donated towards our adoption fund, bought items from the store and prayed for us. We’ve even had a church in Georgia that doesn’t even know us, take up a love offering! We are truly blessed. We have also had a few fundraisers and a lot more in the works. So many people have offered to help by holding fundraisers with the items they sell. My sister had a Silpada jewelry party, my friend Misty just wrapped up a Scentsy party and now we have a Thirty-One party going on starting today through the whole month of September.

Flashback to 1999. I entered Marietta College with the hopes of just experiencing college without getting too involved with extra-curricular activities. I needed a break from the busy schedule I held in high school. Then I met a bunch of girls at a yellow brick house on Fourth Street. Little did I know that I would be spending the next three years at that house and making lifelong friendships with those girls. I never thought I would EVER join a sorority but there I was, a member of Sigma Kappa.

This month’s fundraiser is being held by one my my sisters, Lindsey Meili (aka Swank for all you Kappas). She sells Thirty-One bags and we hope you check them out. For those of you who haven’t heard of Thirty-One, they are awesome. They sell totes, purse and tons of other organizational items. You can even personalize them. Thank you Lindsey for helping us on our journey through adoption!

Here’s the link and just so you know, Thirty-One is holding a special in September so check it out:


Tara & Whitney

PS….When I went to write this post, you know I HAD to dig through some old photos….enjoy!!




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