Congratulations to the Parker Family!

I cry. A lot. Ask Whitney. I’m an emotional person. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? 🙂

That said…I cried today. But wasn’t because I was sad. I was happy. This post isn’t about our adoption story. I hope you read it anyway because this story changed my day today.

Circa 1999 in Marietta, Ohio. 9 years before Whitney and I became a couple we attended Marietta College together. Whitney’s roommate was a guy named Matt Parker. Freshman year, Matt meets Marina, a beautiful redhead, also a member of the class of 2003. Thirteen years after Matt & Marina met, they are meeting their son Shambu in Ethiopia for the first time. Below is a link to their latest blog post. I hope your heart just BURSTS with happiness for this family. I cannot even imagine the overwhelming joy that the Parker’s are feeling at this very moment but we hope to one day. Their story gives us hope. I hope that you keep our dear friends in your prayers as they prepare to bring Shambu Parker HOME! We love you Matt, Marina and Shambu!

Click here to read their amazing story!

Here’s a blast from the past…Whitney and Matt: 1999 roommates in Mary Beech Hall, Marietta College


4 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Parker Family!

  1. Amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing such an incredible story. Many prayers to the Parkers as well as you and Whitney. Can’t wait to be filled with tears and joy when I read a post similar to this from you when God unites you with your child.

  2. How exciting for them!!! There is nothing better than meeting your child for the first time, be it through birth or adoption. 🙂 Before you know it, this will be you guys celebrating your new family member.

  3. Look at those kids! Oh that pic just cracks me up! :). Thanks for the shout out Tara-we can’t wait to be posting about you two bringing home your little ones! There is no greater joy! Xoxo

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