Red Light, Green Light

Remember the game Red Light, Green Light? I remember playing it in gym class in elementary school. The teacher would stand at one end of the gym while everyone else was at the other end. He/she would yell “GREEN LIGHT!” and everyone would walk (never running for some reason…you were “out” if you were caught running) towards the teacher. Out of nowhere you’d hear “RED LIGHT!” and you had to freeze. If you didn’t freeze where you were, you were out.  This continued “red light; green light; red light; green light”, until the first person reached the teacher and was declared the winner!

Why am I reminiscing about this childhood game, when clearly Red Rover was MUCH more fun? Well, it randomly popped into my head as I sat here thinking about the adoption process. So far it’s been a red light, green light experience. On Monday we got word that our homestudy draft has been written and ready for us to look over for the go ahead. We have been waiting since May, when our social worker came to our house, for the report to be written. We’ve been in “RED LIGHT” mode since then and now she just yelled “GREEN LIGHT.” The homestudy is approved for a domestic adoption (since we can’t change it over to international until we can pay our international agency fees). At any time, if a birthmother is found, we could follow through with a domestic adoption!

It’s a lot of stop and go and we never know how long we will be waiting at each stop, but we do know that our final destination ends with us being parents !!

Thanks everyone for riding along with us on this journey!

Love, Tara & Whitney


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