The sun will come out tomorrow.

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to say sorry to our email subscribers….I began this post last night from my phone and apparently you can’t save a draft from your phone, it just goes live. So a half written post went out……here’s the whole thing.

Before we really started looking into adoption, I perceived it as something easy and I wondered why everyone didn’t do it. I’ve seen Annie. Aren’t all the orphans somewhere out there singing and dreaming of their future mothers and fathers? And isn’t there an evil house mother making them clean all the time? And lucky us, we can come in and swoop up one lucky kid all Daddy Warbucks style! Except he was rich… Maybe that’s why the process went so fast for him (minus that little kidnapping incident…but I don’t want to ruin the movie for you….and if you haven’t seen it….um, where have YOU been the past 30 years?) And I’ve seen the TV shows where basically over a three week period of three episodes, a couple sees a child in the hospital and with a little work, they bring her home to live with them forever. Then of course you hear of all these Hollywood stars adopting all the time.

Aileen Quinn

Then you come back from LaLaLand and realize it’s not that easy. Life is not a movie where everything works out in 2 hours or less. But then I hear about all the orphans of the world, I feel like it SHOULD be made easier. They need our help! I don’t want to list facts on here that we have discovered during our research, there are just so many and I don’t want to give out false information. But I do know that, at least internationally, there are millions of children being abandoned for having even minor disabilities. A child is considered “special needs” if they have a weird birthmark or just need a minor surgery that can be done in the US in 5 minutes! It’s very sad what little things will make a parent(s) give up their child or abandon them on the streets.

The story of Annie seemed pretty perfect to me, though her hair may have been a little hard to handle at times….but it was a happy go lucky story of a family growing through adoption in less than 2 hours. While I wish it was that easy, I’m pretty happy with the REAL life we have and hopefully someday we’ll be skipping down marble stairs in formal wear with our kids:)

PS. Sorry if you will now have tunes from Annie stuck in your head all day.




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