Homestudy Recap

Hello friends and family,

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers this last week as we completed our homestudy visit. Our social worker from Albuquerque came down for a few hours on Friday and a few hours Saturday afternoon to interview us and tour our home. She made us feel so comfortable and we were not nervous at all! It actually lit a fire to get things done even quicker! We are ready to meet our children! It will take her about a month to write up her report then we will be approved! Next, our journey splits into two once the homestudy is done. One is waiting to be matched with a birthmother for our domestic adoption through our local agency and the other is signing on with our international agency to begin the international paperwork and matching process (our international office also could match us with a domestic birthmother as well).

One great thing we learned during the homestudy was about a family our social worker works with that just adopted a little three year old girl from India! She is going to pass along their info so we can chat with them about their experience and see how things are going. We are very excited about speaking with them!

We’ve still got alot of money to raise for our international adoption but we’ve got a new item to add to the store and t-shirts coming soon:) We’ll be blogging about the new item tomorrow so stay tuned!


Whitney and Tara


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