Homestudy Day is set!

Hello friends and family!

Well we just got the news that our homestudy visit will be happening THIS WEEK!! Our social worker will be visiting our home Friday and again on Saturday. That forced a mad rush to finish ALL our paperwork by Monday morning so she had time to review it before arriving. We knew she was coming in May but we were thinking it would be the middle of May. It may be earlier than we thought but WE’LL TAKE IT! Anything to get our daughter home sooner is good by us! Keep us in your prayers leading into Friday and Saturday as we are not 100% sure what all to expect!!!

Some old college friends of ours are adopting right now too and we saw on Facebook a picture last night and the title was “A Paper Pregnancy!” Genius if I do say so myself – Friday marks the start of our second trimester in our very own paper pregnancy !!!! 🙂

Whitney & Tara


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