My Sister. My Friend. Another Way to Help.

Happy Thursday everyone!

We have been amazed by all the support we have received since announcing that we are going to adopt. Whether it’s been through monetary donations, supporting our store, love, thoughts and prayers…it’s all be greatly appreciated and needed. There is one person in particular who has been 100% on board and busting at the seams excited and that is my sister Jana. As soon as we told her about it, she was already starting to come up with some fundraising ideas. On the side she sells Silpada jewelry. She has graciously decided to have a party for us with ALL the proceeds going to our adoption fund!  This girl is ready to be an AUNT!

So below is all the information you will need to go to the party! If you are in Marietta, Ohio there will be an actual open house event. If not, well you can go online starting from now til May 12th to shop! Click on the picture below to go right to her page!

Thank you again for all the support and thank you Jana! WE LOVE YOU AUNT BEEZLEY!


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