Elephants are pregnant for over 640 days – SO IT’S NOT SO STRANGE RIGHT ?

Happy Saturday everyone!

We woke up this morning to some good news! Some friends of ours who had struggled with infertility are pregnant! What a blessing! It is amazing how God has really put our hearts at peace about these kinds of things….when we once struggled with hearing that people were moving on, we now rejoice in the fact that a new life will be joining this world (especially to two very special people that we have been praying for for a while now). The fact of the matter is…WE ARE EXPECTING….but in a different way. Do I miss the morning sickness, the weight gain, the backaches….of course! I would give anything to have those feeling backs….and it could happen again, only God knows. But with our daughter out there somewhere in India, we are here waiting and preparing for her. Basically I’m like an elephant with a really long gestation period of two years, but without the weight gain:) Ha!

God Bless and have a great weekend!

Tara & Whitney

PS. Stay tuned for some new things coming to the store including custom adoption tees! Thanks everyone for your continued support.



3 thoughts on “Elephants are pregnant for over 640 days – SO IT’S NOT SO STRANGE RIGHT ?

  1. Love this! FYI, elephants are very good and loving parents and the whole herd shares in the parenting!!!! So what a nice analogy! We will “join trunks n tails” with you anytime! Praying for our little “Indi” daily for love, food, comfort, wellness, joy as only the Lord can give!

  2. I love this entry! I can feel the joy in your words! Love you guys! I think about you often and can’t wait for your daughter to arrive. Kate

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