Thank you!

Hello everyone! We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all the support, love and prayers we have received since starting this blog and letting you follow us on our journey. Thank you to everyone that  re-posted this on Facebook and shared it with your friends.  And one more thank you to the people who have ordered some necklaces! Thank you! (Disclaimer….you MAY get tired of us thanking you but get used to it). We most importantly thank God…without Him, none of this would be possible. We have been so blessed that so far we have been given such grace to not get discouraged or worried.

Today I just wanted to express our excitement!! Right now, somewhere in India…our DAUGHTER is waiting for us! What is more exciting than that?? Since India usually does not give you infants, we will most likely be getting a 3-4 year old. So she is OUT THERE! Once our international adoption is started, we will begin our domestic. While we have no idea where our child will be coming from or what sex or age (most likely an infant)…we are still just as excited about our growing family. When we went through our miscarriages and the death of Sarah, I often lost hope that we would never be getting to this point, but that hope has now been restored. Not to say there won’t be bumps along the way, but we will get there.

One more thing for today’s post…..I wanted to extend a thank you in advance to  the people who mentioned that our future children will be the luckiest kids to have us as parents….I’m going to save all those emails to show them when they are teenagers:) Haha!

God Bless,

Tara & Whitney



3 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. We share in your excitement! Just think….there is a little granddaughter in India waiting to be ours! We love her already, and yes, SHE will be the one that is blessed to have a family like you to love and care for her and raise her to be a great woman of God!

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